Ali G Wants You to Get in Shape! Respect!

Monday, November 2, 2009 posted by ronmourra 11:01 am

Booyakasha! I hope you guys enjoyed your Halloween Weekend. Hopefully you handed out more candy than you consumed. Every year I go out with my buddies from University and this year I dressed up as the one and only Ali G. For those not familiar with Ali G, its another of Sasha Baron Cohen’s characters. Most of you know of Borat and Bruno, but Sasha’s first character was Ali G and he is hilarious.

Moving forward only 9 weeks left till the New Year and I want you all to Make A CHOICE and DECIDE to get in the best shape of you LIFE! Here are 5 Tips to help you build momentum into the New Year.

1.) Perform Fat Blasting Circuit Workout 3 times per week (refer to previous post)
2.) Eliminate Pop and Fruit Drink/Juices and stick to Tea and Water throughout the day
3.) Drink low Sodium V8 juice once a day
4.) Eat at least 2 Fruits and 2 Vegetables a day
5.) Brush your teeth after dinner to prevent late at night snacking

There you have it folks, easy tips to implement. If you follow them it can have a huge impact on your Fitness and Healthy Journey. Thanks for all those who are participating in Free Fitness Coaching Program. You guys are doing great and from what I hear are getting some amazing results. Officially, I closed the program for new participants last week. But since many are still emailing me to participant and since I am a nice guy I will extend the sign up for the Free  Fitness Coaching Program for another WEEK! Consider this an early Christmas gift.

I hope you guys take advantage of this great opportunity!

Have a Great Week, Make it Happen!

Ron Mourra

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