Cardio for Fat Loss – The Mourra Muscle Way……………..

Thursday, November 26, 2009 posted by ronmourra 9:20 am

Cardiovascular Activity AKA Cardio has been a hot topic of debate lately.  Slow Steady State vs High Intensity Interval Training. Which is better and why? I hate CARDIO! I repeat, I hate CARDIO, the slow boring kind and am a huge proponent of HIIT. Let’s just say if you are on a Treadmill and watching Dr. Phil or Oprah you more than likely are doing Slow Steady State.  In this video I will show some tips on how to rev up your Cardio and get in FANTASTIC shape!

If you want the real science behind why High Intensity Interval Training just leave a comment and I will fill you in. I just did not want to bore you with the science and figure if you are on my blog you want quick tips to keep you in shape during your busy life. By now, I am hoping that you have been frequently visiting my blog and know me, like me, and most importantly TRUST me.

Make a Decision and Commitment to being in the Best Shape of you Life!

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3 Responses to “Cardio for Fat Loss – The Mourra Muscle Way……………..”

  1. Pearl says:

    Hey Ron,

    I’m liking this idea of High Intensity Interval Training but I hate workout machines. Is there any other way I can get the same result outside of a gym setting?

    Pearl 🙂

  2. ronmourra says:

    Hi Pearl,

    Great Question! There are lots of options when performing HIIT. I recommend finding an exercise you enjoy doing and a movment that causes the least muscular disruptiion. What I mean by that is a movement or action that is easy to perform and does not require complex movements. Biking for example on a stationary bike, not a lot can go wrong. Versus running on treadmill or outdoors requires good technique especially if you are on a treadmill and go at high speeds. Having said that, skipping rope, step ups at home using stairs are viable options outside the gym setting. I recently added the rowing machine when workig with my clients and they love it! Well, when they are done the exercise that is.

    Hope this helps and Make it Happen!


  3. Awesome site. Gives me the invcentive for my fitness goals this year.

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