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September is HERE, Time to MAKE IT HAPPEN

Monday, September 3, 2018 posted by ronmourra 11:52 am

I am fired up because it September and time to make it happen!

In this video find out why September will determine if you reach your fitness goals by the end of 2018!

The kids are back in school and now it is time for you to MAKE time for yourself.


Coach Ron

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LFH Principle | Non Scale Victories

Thursday, January 22, 2015 posted by admin 3:53 am


I have a great message for today, so I will GET RIGHT TO IT! Today’s VIDEO is about a LEAN FIT HEALTHY PRINCIPLE that will help some of you get back on TRACK. It will also help you gain a new perspective and appreciation for how to REACH your FITNESS GOALS and never FAIL. Consider it a ‘CHECK UP FROM THE NECK UP’

You see, at this point into the NEW YEAR we are at a TIPPING POINT. By now across the country 92% of individuals who set a Fitness New Years Resolution have QUIT. As a Coach/Trainer and someone who is PASSIONATE above Fitness and Wellness the stats raises concern. However I am all about SOLUTIONS, so I will give you some TOOLS to ensure you don’t become a STATISTIC! In the video below I discuss why it is important to CELEBRATE NON SCALE VICTORIES.

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Whatever GOAL you are trying to ACHIEVE, the KEY is to focus on the PROCESS GOALS. The habits and rituals that you will help you get where you WANT to BE.


I can’t wait to hear your responses!


Ron Mourra

LFH 3rd Q of Fitness

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 posted by admin 2:45 am


Summer is finally in full effect and we are officially in the 3rd Q of Fitness. A great time to set up a game plan for the next few days. I always say life happens in 90 Day Cycles. What will your 90 days look like?

Today’s video is all about setting up a game plan for the 3rd Q of Fitness. Check the video below for some tips to start you off on the right note!

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That is all for now folks, as always

Make a Decision and Commitment to getting in the Best Shape of your LIFE


R Mourra

LFH Post Thanksgiving Game Plan – WIN THE DAY!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 posted by ronmourra 2:32 am

First OFF, Happy Thanksgiving YALLS! I personally love this time of year as it is a constant reminder of how blessed I am. It’s GRATITUDE TIME so….

I am grateful for having an amazing and supportive family, the cutest nephew and nieces (seriously I DO!). I have fantastic and cool friends. On top of that, I personally feel I have dynamite clients who work hard, get great results, and MAKE it HAPPEN on a constant basis.

Since it’s 4th quarter Fitness time I have decided to lay out the next week for YALLS as most of us have indulged on great food and drink over the weekend. Check out the video below and read this week’s entire post as I have a day by day action plan. The Key folks is to take one meal at a time, one workout, one day at a time.

There you have it folks, here is a breakfast option for you for the next 3 days to keep things simple, Super Duper Shake

For Lunches, opt for a salad and grilled chicken, egg, or salmon. A Cobb salad at Williams would be ideal.

For Dinner think soup or Chili. Check out this dynamite recipe, Chilli Chilli Lover’s LOVE!

In terms of a Workout Metabolic Circuits would be ideal. Try the Following
DAY 1: PUSH/PUSH Circuit 1

DAY 2: 30 Minute cardio low intensity


That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for a Thursday Post to Outline the end of the week!

Focus on WINNING THE Day while keeping the end goal in mind.

Lean-Fit-Healthy 4EVA

R Mourra


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Lean-Fit-Healthy Foundation – Brick By Brick

Monday, July 16, 2012 posted by ronmourra 9:21 am

What Up, What Up, What Up My Peeps,

Stealing a line from one of my favourite motivational coaches Eric Thomas – THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!!! Let’s get right into, this post is a gem. Laying down your Lean-Fit-Healthy Foundation is one of the pillars of my coaching program. I truly believe that building the proper foundation in anything in life especially in a fitness and nutrition realm is the recipe for sustainable, long term success. Check out the video below for more info.

There you have it folks, stick with me and I will show you the way. For this week Lay down your Lean-Fit-Healthy Foundation and set some process goals. Don’t focus too much on the outcome.

As always make a decision and a commitment to getting in the best shape of your life.


And don’t forget to MAKE the REST of your LIFE, THE BEST of YOUR LIFE!



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Lean-Fit-Healthy Philosophy | Make the REST of your Life, the BEST of your LIFE

Thursday, June 7, 2012 posted by ronmourra 2:22 am

What’s the Good Word,

Today we jump into a serious topic right off the back. I share with you some of the struggles I have been through in the past which lead me to make the DECISION and COMMITMENT to getting in BETTER shape, improving as a person, and a path to SELF DISCOVERY. Watch the video below to find one of the many PAINFUL experiences in my LIFE which lead to the creation of the LEAN-FIT-HEALTHY Program.

There you have it folks, just throwing out some TRUTH bombs. At the end of the day guys without STRUGGLE there is no PROGRESS. In many times in our lives it is inevitable that we will go some PAIN, and we will be knocked down. The question is what will you do with that PAIN? What will you do when YOU get KNOCKED DOWN? Will you let it take over your life and lead to self defeating, self limiting beliefs. Or perhaps will you RISE above and make ‘the Rest of your life, the BEST of your LIFE. A poignant quote comes into my by a Chinese Philopsher Conficius. “He who thinks he can, and he who thinks he can’t are BOTH usually RIGHT”

Make it Happen

Ron M


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Lean-Fit-Healthy Cheat Day Principle

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 posted by ronmourra 5:58 am

Summer is almost in Full Effect Yalls!

With the first long weekend ahead us unofficially kicking off the Summer of AWESOMENESS 2K12 I thought it would be fitting to discuss cheat days. Every trainer, dietician, health professional has their own take on this topic. Some are extreme (no cheat days) some are flexible (1-2 cheat day per week). I don’t think one can say there is a right or wrong, but rather what approach resonates with you the most. What fits your goals, needs, and wants the best. If you would like to find out my humble opinion on this topic make sure to watch the video below.

There you have it folks, arming you with principles that can help you GET and STAY Lean-Fit-Healthy.

Have a great Long Weekend Gang, and remember,

You only have one Body, So you Better treat it Right!

R. Mourra


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3 Steps to Getting Lean-Fit-Healthy

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 posted by ronmourra 11:31 am

What up What up What up Yalls,

Today I will get right to the point. At certain times in our lives we want to make changes. The Spring offers a great opportunity for change especially as we head into Summer. Whatever task you undertake, no matter what the goal is, 3 things must occur. Watch the video below to find out what they are:

There you have it folks, don’t make getting Lean-Fit-Healthy that
complicated. Stick with me and I will show you the WAY!

Make it Happen!

Lean-Fit-Healthy 4Life

R Mourra


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Thermic Effect of Activity

Sunday, March 18, 2012 posted by ronmourra 9:18 pm

Whats up Yallz,

Hope all is good in your hood. Its time to wrap up this fantastic series about Metabolism. I have been getting lots of great feeback via email from newsletter subscribers. If have not watched Part 1 and/or Part 2, make sure you go back and watch them before moving on to this post so it all makes sense.

Moving forward, today we will look at the only part of the Metabolism equation that you really have some control over in order to increase the number of calories you burn. In the video below I discuss the Thermic Effect of Activity and you will be surprised on my view on exercise with respect to its role in fat loss (in the short term).  Make sure you  watch the entire video till the end because this one is a gem!


There you have it folks, the Thermic Effect of Activity in a nuthell is energy required for physical activity or exercise. Physically activity is important but keep in mind it’s key to be active throughout the day. You may only have time for a 30-45 minute workout a few days a week. The workouts should be age appropriate and they should match your current state of fitness with some built in progressions.

Don’t get ‘paralysis by analysis’ and just get moving. You don’t need to have the best program out there. You don’t need the latest fitness fad. Take small steps and always aim for continual and constant improvement. Lets keep it simple people. Stick to me and I will show you how to get Lean-Fit-Healthy For Life!

Make it Happen

Ron Mourra

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Thermic Effect of food and Meal Frequency

Sunday, March 11, 2012 posted by ronmourra 5:35 am

Whats Crackin Folks,

Today’s post is Part Duo on the topic of Metabolism. We build on what we learned last week about Metabolic Rate and today investigate ‘The Thermic Effect of Food’, basically the cost energy cost of digesting food. If you read my last post (where I dropped some knowledge BOMBS!) you should have a sound understanding about the terms Metabolism and Metabolic Rate. If you missed last week’s episode make sure you watch it now before you explore this post (Metabolism and Metabolic Rate)

In the last fews years in Nutrition and Fitness circles all around the World the idea of Stoking your metabolism by increasing you meal frequency has spread like the plaque. It goes a little something like this, think of your metabolism as a fire, the more fuel (pardon the pun) you put on the fire, the more you rev up your metabolism. Ergo, eat more meals in a day and turn your body into a fact burning machine. I have to admit I used to say some of those claims to my clients. It almost seemed like a Ubitious Nutrition and Fitness rule, that in order to build a lean and fit body you need to eat every 2 hours. Well folks the science is in, if you would like to find out if this is a fact or merely dietary and fitness dogma check out the video below.

There you have it folks, just remember that the Thermic Effect of food (TEF) plays a small role in your overall metabolism (10-15%). It’s the cost of doing business, digesting and assimilating food that is (~10-15% of Overall Calories Consumed). Don’t get hung up on the fact that you have to maximize the calories you burn from the TEF because you will always be fighting a losing battle. While it is true that Protein, Carbs, and Fat have a different thermic effect when we digest (its so small that its not worth getting bogged down by it. Also Meal Frequency does not increase metabolism. The TEF is proportional to the number of calories you eat vs. amount of meals. Said another way there is no TEF difference between 6 meals of 300 calories or 3 meal of 600 calories (In both cases ~ 180 calories burned due to TEF). Find out what meal frequency fits your life and go from there. Truth is some people do better eating every few hours while others 3-4 meals. Focus on what is important and that is your overall quality of calorie intake and calorie targets along with increasing daily activity. In a nutshell improve your nutrition and get ACTIVE folks! It is SIMPLE in principle, but very difficult to implement in our way of life.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I investigate the only part of your Metabolism that you have some control and what you should focus on. Daily Activity and Exercise and you will be surprised my views on certain fitness modalities.

Comments and Questions are always welcomed. Lets start a Lean-Fit-Healthy Community where we can proactively share our ideas, success, recipes, and aim for constant and continual improvement in our Health and Well Being. If you are on board drop me a comment below and say hello.

As stated in the video I used to perpetuate some of the myths that are currently being exposed by recent scientific studies. It’s not that we got it wrong in the past, sometimes we don’t have all the information laid out. I am always open minded with my approach to fitness and nutrition and I am willing to change my approach.

Make it Happen

Ron Mourra

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