Dropping Some Calorie Bombs to Start 2K10!

Sunday, January 3, 2010 posted by ronmourra 8:35 am

What’s Sup Yalls, Happy New Year and all the Best in 2K10!

Coming at Ya from my car on my way home from Bro’s house where we had a great New Years Family Party. Was hungry so I dropped by the local Wendys and got some Chili because you guys know how much I love Chilli. Now this Chili wasn’t as good as the Build Mourra Muscle Chilli, but I was starving and an hour away from home, so beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

Moving forward I was amazed at the amount of calories in some food items and so I was inspired to start a ‘Dropping Calorie Bombs’ Series. The series will not only expose high caloric food but also provide options when eating out at restaurants or fast food joints.

Stay Tuned Folks, this Series is gonna be a lot of fun as well as informative.

This 2K10 is all about Redefining
Your Workouts
Your Body
Your Self

Make it Happen!


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One Response to “Dropping Some Calorie Bombs to Start 2K10!”

  1. futurama says:

    hey rony, speaking of chili and ground beef meals, where can someone find grass fed beef?!?! no grocery stores that I know of carry this nutrient packed alternative to the mass produced variety and subsequently, less healthy… not even M&Ms meats carry it….ridiculous!

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