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Ron Mourra is back on the GRID! Sorry for the delay in the post, I had a small glitch in my Blackberry which severely disrupted my day to day activity (mostly my fault because I rely on it so much). Its funny when I talked to the Telus representative I was a bit frustrated and asked ‘Why does ever phone I get always end up breaking’. To lighten the mood she responded, ‘You have bad luck and you use your phone to much’. Not sure about the former, but the latter part is definitely true. Are you guys the same way? Rely on technology too much? Is it more of a hinder than a help at times? So today’s post is all about a few lessons I learned when I fell off the grid (I have to tell you it was a blessing in disguise). It is also one of the keys to being Lean-Fit-Healthy. Check out the video below to find out why?

There you have it folks some master lessons to be learned from my experience and I hope the TAKE HOME message hits home. Being Lean-Fit-Healthy is not just about the workouts, proper nutrition, looking great, etc. Its about the relationships we have, what we value most in our life, taking the blinders off and focusing on living in the NOW.


I am Ron Mourra and I approve this message

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