Lean-Fit-Healthy Strategies when attending a Wedding

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 posted by ronmourra 2:09 am

Whats going down in China Town,

On the weekend I attended an amazing wedding for two great friends Jeff and Saheera Bethune. It was a unique wedding filled with many memorable moments and the food was delicious. Like many of you, my goal is to stay Lean-Fit-Healthy while living a normal life. I don’t want to eat special foods, have to count calorie, and on occasion I will overindulge. It is important to find balance during your quest to stay Lean-Fit-Healthy, especially if you are planning on making it a lifestyle change.

Since wedding season is underway I saw it fitting to VBlog about it. In this episode I show you my strategy for the evening and some small tips you can implement.

There you have it folks, simple steps that you can implement during your next wedding. Focus on getting your greens in at first and I always choose wine over dessert. Ditch the bread and make sure you tear it up on the dance floor. The next day add in an active cardio day, preferable outside and enjoy the outdoors.

I have to confess something though, I did really well up to the midnight buffer table. They served Slider burgers and fries, my weakness! I ended up have 1 or 2 burgers (well maybe more like 4) however I picked it up on the dance floor and I cut a rug!

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