LFH Charity Initiative – Major Ballachey’s IPAD Project!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 posted by ronmourra 4:27 am

It’s October folk’s and it’s time to unveil the next charity that I will support and help raise funds for the month. But first, let’s recap about September’s Charity. I want to thank all those who helped Mark Sheldrake raise $500 for Autism! Mark is participating in the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon this Sunday and will make us all proud!

Moving forward this month’s fund raising efforts will be dedicated to Major Ballachey’s IPAD Project. Watch the video below to find out all the details.

There you have it folks, great people doing amazing things! Please help out if you can, by clicking the link and making a donation MAJOR BALLACHEY IPAD PROJECT

For those that are not in the Brantford area, if you make a donation you can receive a FREE Skype Call Fitness Consult.

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