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Monday, February 3, 2014 posted by ronmourra 6:03 am

What is up my Lean Fit Healthy Peeps!

Super Bowl Sunday is finally out of the way. I don’t know about you, but I crushed some major calories. Wings, Prime Beef, chips and dip. Every once in a while I give myself permission to be human. I never feel guilty during times I bust the calorie bank (neither should YOU). Main thing is you get back on track the proper way. My goal this week is to trend low on calories and bump up cardio slightly.

However keep in mind that exercise and the amount of calories you consumed are closely related. What I mean by that is that they depend on each other. The worst thing I find people doing when they try to lose weight is go extremely low on calories and increase their exercise too much. In video below I elaborate on this topic and give you my thoughts on this topic.

There you have it folks, take home message is that you should never try to out work a bad diet. In addition focus on dialing in your calories to create a deficit for fat loss. Focus on resistance training for your muscles. Add age appropriate cardio in strategically for your heart, lungs, and your mind.

As always Make a Decision and Commitment to getting in the


I am Ron Mourra and I approve this message


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    Awesome brilliant!!! Nailed it

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