Post Easter Food Hangover – Nutrition Tip of the Week

Sunday, April 8, 2012 posted by ronmourra 2:58 pm

What’s the Good Word Birds,

Hope everyone enjoyed their long Easter weekend; I am sure most are feeling a Food Hangover of sorts. I am just recovering from a bad case of the ‘Meat Sweats’. As a fitness coach I understand that certain times of the year bring along opportunities for large feedings and overeating. But that’s all good as my Lean-Fit-Healthy approach to holidays and celebrations is that you should embrace the idea that when spending time with friends and family you don’t always have to be ‘ON’ with your nutrition. With each of my clients I try to teach them the principle of everything in moderate and that no food is really bad for you, but rather the devil is always in the dose. Having balance and a healthy relationship with food is the cornerstone of the Lean-Fit-Healthy Program. This is why the amazing clients under my tutelage have a 95% success rate!

In today’s quick video I come up with a strategy for myself to dial in my nutrition for the upcoming week and I share with you some ‘Insiders Secrets’ for FREE! Who looking out for you guys, this guy…….


There you have it folks, simple, actionable and straight to the point tasks. Let me know if you found the tip useful and please share this blog with your friends and family. Remember folks SUMMER is just around the corner!

Are you going to LOOK and FEEL your best in the SUMMER of 2K12?

Make it Happen

Ron Mourra


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