Kettlebell Series | Part 2 Cleans

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 posted by admin 5:36 am

What’s Up Lean Fit Healthy Nation,

We are back in the LAB at FFC and it is time for another exercise tutorial. Jeff Kehler makes another special guest appearance for Part 2 of our 4 Part Kettlebell Series. In this clip Jeff shows us how to dial in our technique for the Kettlebell Clean.

As a Kinesiologist I have to say Jeff’s cues and teaching points are TOP NOTCH. Not only does he have the ability to teach someone how to perform proper movement patterns he makes it look effortless himself.

Check out the clip as I learn how to properly perform the Kettlebell Clean.

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That is it for now folks, stay tuned for Part 3 next week.

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