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Tuesday, May 22, 2012 posted by ronmourra 12:47 am

Yo Dudes,

Now that the first long weekend is behind us it’s important to learn a few tricks of the trade that go a long way over time in terms of getting Lean+Fit+Healthy. Like most of you there is nothing that I enjoy more than hanging with great friends and family, sparking up the Q, while having some cold POPS. Depending on what you put on that BBQ can be one of your biggest set-back and barriers to getting Lean+Fit+Healthy.

Today I share with you what I ate over the long weekend. You will be surprised because I didn’t sacrifice taste or quality and still managed to save 200-250 calories. Enjoy the video and as always I invite feedback and comments.

Hope you take this tip and run with it over the summer. Personally being in the industry for 10 years, in my humble opinion the hardest time of the year get in or stay in great shape is the summer. BBQ, Patios, and summer events can wreck havoc on your goals if you don’t prepare and have a GAME PLAN. Keep in mind, “If you FAIL to PREPARE, then PREPARE TO FAIL”


R Mourra


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