LFH Follow Along Workout 4 – Time to Make it Happen

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 posted by ronmourra 12:11 am

Well folks over the last 2 months I have introduced Rockin Follow along Workouts (FAW) and they have been a HIT! Many have asked for a Shoulder, Legs, and Bicep variation. Ask and you shall receive. Follow me in today’s video for a DYNAMITE workout, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in the long run!

Stay tuned for more FAW and as the season begins to change, it is time to revisit our WHYS of FITNESS. If you have been slacking on your workouts and nutrition as most people do in the summer, NOW is the TIME to REDEFINE YOUR GRIND! Don’t Ever Give Up on your Fitness Endevours and always keep moving forward. Meal by Meal, one workout at a time.




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