Super Duper Almond Shake Recipe

Sunday, March 25, 2012 posted by ronmourra 5:49 pm

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Many have been asking when I am going to start filming some Kitchen episodes. Ask and you shall receive, today I get right to the point and show you how to make an amazing morning or post workout shake that only takes 3 minutes to make! Make sure you watch this video because implementing this shake could help you get on track to get Lean-Fit-Healthy.

There you have it folks. Try this great recipe out and let me know if you like it. Stay tuned for more Kitchen episodes as I am going to be providing you with some great recipes that are Lean-Fit-Healthy approved!

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2 Responses to “Super Duper Almond Shake Recipe”

  1. Pearl says:

    Hey Ron – that’s a good question, never thought of it before. Based on some sites, it looks like its just almonds and water blended, then strained! There are a bunch of things on Google (more steps, more descriptors), here was a really simple one: Thanks for this shake recipe!!

  2. ronmourra says:

    Thanks for looking into that Pearl! I don’t use Almond Milk often but I find it works well for shakes because of its texture. I always make sure to get a brand where they don’t add any sugar. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I share a 10 minute Bodyweight Circuit.

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