Dropping Some Starbucks Calorie Bombs

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 posted by ronmourra 2:32 am

Let me paint you a picture. You are out of town whether for business or pleasure and are out of your element. You are not in full control of some of your breakfast choices, as the luxury of your own kitchen is not an option. Good breakfast choices in the above circumstances are the little things that pay HUGE dividends in your fat loss plan. In today’s Vblog I hook you up with a great way to start the day at Starbucks.

There you have it guys, Fat loss and being Lean-Fit-Healthy doesn’t have to be that confusing and hard to achieve. Keep sticking to me Yalls and I show you the way.

Make it Happen!

Ron ‘Living the Lean-Fit-Healthy’ Life

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One Response to “Dropping Some Starbucks Calorie Bombs”

  1. Kyle Byron says:

    Not a bad breakfast when you’re on the road.

    People born before 1975 still really fear fat because of all the low fat diets that were promoted in the 1980s. Your breakfast was high fat but way better than a granola bar, which is such a common choice, unfortunately.

    You could have brought on your road trip: protein powder, bananas and omega oil and baby carrots.

    Hope to see you Saturday at my seminar! 12:15 at Welkin Wellness/Yoga Centre

    And next time you’re in Toronto, I expect a phone call!


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