Insider Secret #3: Cheat Meal

Saturday, December 26, 2009 posted by ronmourra 10:56 am

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas! I sure had a blast spending time with my familia! This year I was Santa Claus for my family Christmas gathering and had the pleasure of handing out gifts to all the little ones. Check me out in action.


Moving forward this post is all about revealing Insider Secret #3 which is a cheat day. You see any successful fat loss program should have flexibility and allow for cheat meals once in a while. In this video coaching episode I give you a simple formula to follow.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks again for using me as your fitness and nutrition source. I hope you keep coming back to me.

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Make it Happen!

Ron ‘Living the Lean-Fit-Healthy Life’ Mourra

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