Post Workout Nutrition? What do I eat?

Thursday, March 11, 2010 posted by ronmourra 2:38 am

Coming at Ya from the Underground! In Part Duo of the Mourra Underground Series its all about post workout nutrition. For all you ‘Weekend Warriors’ and athletes out there, lend me your ears. My main man when it comes to nutrition is Kyle Byron (KB) and in this episode he gives you some awesome information on what to get in ya for maximal recovery.

Stay tuned folks for more clips from the Mourra Underground where ‘Only the Strong Survive’. If you have been to any of my Anaerobic Burst Workouts you can appreciate the quote above.

I am all about great workouts but its so key to master the nutrition portion. If you have detailed questions regarding nutrition make sure you check out KB on his site This guy knows his stuff and he practices what he preaches.

Make it Happen.

Ron Mourra

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